IT Blog NOW was created in August/2007 to focus primarily on issues occurring in the Information Technology field, with emphasis on Information Systems, Business Processes, Databases, Software Architecture, and Development. However, you might also want to be prepared for any tech-related issues currently being discussed in the field.

The Author

Sam Moreira PictureGreetings, my name is Sam Moreira. I am a Software Developer with 15+ years of work experience in a variety of computer languages and database systems. My areas of expertise include, among others, OOP, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, IIS, VB 6.0, HTML, XML, and SQL Server. I’m also very interested in Information Systems, Business Processes, and Automation. Thus, you can expect several of my posts to be related to the areas above.

I currently hold a B.A.S. in Technology Management with emphasis in Business Information Systems and an A.S. Degree in Systems Analysis and Programming. I’m also a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM),  Phi Theta Kappa (International Honor Society of the Two Year College), and Sigma Beta Delta (International Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration).

Currently, I’m working as a Senior Systems Developer at a local Tampa Bay area company in Florida. I’m responsible for several web systems used by the company, including several intranet websites as well as our e-commerce sites and content management solutions (implemented in-house after I joined the company in 2006). At high level, I’m responsible for ensuring that all systems are able to communicate and exchange information between each other in a way that is completely transparent for the users.

Besides this blog, you can also find me online in a few other locations such as twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Buzz.

Enjoy the postings and, if you have anything to add to the discussion, feel free to jump in.


Sam Moreira