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Tired of copying files to a flash drive or send them to your e-mail account every time you have to work on a different computer? Why not give Microsoft Office Live Workspace a try? It’s free and allows you to access your files from anywhere.

When I started using Office Live Workspace a while ago, I had no option but using the web interface to upload or download my documents before being able to actually work on them. But now, there’s a plugin for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that allows me to open and save documents directly from the Office applications installed in my computer, without having to access the web interface on my browser. After the plugin is installed, you’ll actually get two new menu options on Office 2007, called “Open from Office Live” and “Save to Office Live”, and a new toolbar called “Go to Office Live” on Office XP and 2003, containing the Open and Save buttons.

Nothing changes about the way you work with your files; basically, you will just be using the cloud, instead of your local computer, to save and retrieve your documents, and the process is completely transparent to you; it’s like having a second drive installed on your computer to save your documents. And the good thing is… if you also have the plugin installed on your work computer, you can easily, from work, open any document saved to the cloud through your home computer, and vice-versa.

That’s not all, if you’re also interested on collaboration, you can use MS Office Live Workspace to share documents with anyone you want. You can easily define, at the document level, who on your sharing list is allowed to edit the document and who is only allowed to view it. Also, once you share a document, providing the email address of the people you’re sharing the document with, Office Live Workspace automatically sends them an e-mail, inviting them to view or edit the document.

It sounds cool, doesn’t it? I know it helps me a lot when I’m working on a document and I have to jump from one location to another.