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Google launched in January of this year a reseller program that allows solutions providers to become Google Apps authorized resellers. That’s a great opportunity for solution providers trying to break into the SaaS (Software as a Service) market.

As a Google Apps authorized reseller, you’ll be able to create unique solutions to help your existing and new customers implement Google Apps for their businesses. And the best part of the program is that Google will have no relationship with your customers. In other words,  the customers are yours… you provide the services… you bill your customers… and Google bills you. Also, as an authorized reseller, you’ll get discounts off the annual Google Apps list price, which might increase your margin compared to what you bill your customer.

Just be aware that, as Google Apps are less expensive than other systems, your margin on the list price might not be as high. However, as a solution provider, you probably already know that the real revenue is not in the application resale, but on the services provided along with the application, which can result in a substantial margin. And to make things even better, because Google Apps are not so expensive, your customers will have extra cushion to spend on other services offered by you.

Curious about how you can take advantage of this program? Well, in the program details, you’ll find a few of the business opportunities available for solution providers, which I have listed below, grouped by the type of service solution provides might be willing to offer.

If you’re interested in recurring revenue and customer relationship, you can try these services:

  • Strategic business process consulting
  • Worry-free management of services
  • Comprehensive support

Now, if you are more of a project-based kind of solution provider, you can try these ones:

  • Data migration
  • User training and best practices
  • Systems integration
  • Application extensions development

And don’t think you’ll be alone on this journey. As an authorized reseller, you’ll have Google support along the way. The list below, that can be found within the program details, gives you an idea of what type of support you can expect from Google:

  • Technical training and reseller support
  • Sales tools and training
  • Marketing programs, collateral, and tools
  • Reseller discount off the annual list price for Google Apps Premier Edition
  • Reseller logo branding
  • Solution provider community forums
  • Integration into the front-line customer support flow
  • Console to create and manage customer accounts
  • Opportunities for other performance-based benefits.

And to make things easier for you, Google has also created the video below to help you decide whether or not this program is right for you. Check it out:


Thus, with more and more businesses taking advantage of the cloud for their operations, this program is a great opportunity to solution providers to increase their revenue by help their customers become more competitive.