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Today, I came across the following article on CIO website by Chris Kanaracus (Feb 2, 2009): “Study: Certain IT Skills in Demand Despite Economy“. In this article, Chris covered the results of a study done by Veritude, an IT staffing company, about the IT job market.

According to their recent study, “only 38 percent of companies intend to add staff, down from 52 percent in a previous study.” That’s bad news. However, while some companies actually intend to make cuts, they’re planning on eliminating only about 1 to 5 percent of the staff. When reading about these results, I couldn’t help but ask myself which IT skills would survive the cuts and, better yet, which ones are actually in demand by businesses. Based on the study, the answer is as following:

  • Business Intelligence skills
  • C, C++, and C# programming
  • Mac developers

Based on what I’ve seen in the market recently, these three IT skills are in really demand. Business intelligence is the most obvious skill, which in my opinion, should be mandatory for any IT position. Regardless of which other IT skills you have, make sure you add some sort of business intelligence under your belt; it will take you a long way down the road. I have mentioned the following in a previous blog post:

“Now more than ever, companies are looking for people who are able to help they achieve their goals and make their business more competitive. Truly understanding how business processes fit together and being able to provide effective business solutions are key factors in helping not only businesses, but also yourself, succeed.”

The next set of skills also makes sense as more and more companies are moving in the direction of C-family languages than any other, especially with the success of .NET Framework, which brought C# to developers. Compared to a few years back, when most job postings asked for VB skills, nowadays, it’s very rare to find a job posting not looking for some sort of C-family programming skills.

And finally, after the launch of the iPhone, Mac developers have really been in demand as there aren’t as many as PC developers in the market. Another good news for Mac developers is that Apple’s proprietary platform doesn’t make it so easy for others developers to break into the field. So, if you’re already there, enjoy it!

And you? What do you think? Do you know of any other skills that are certain to survive this economy? Let us know!